Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When I make your beds my darlings, this includes lover - even you, I am careful to to smooth your sheets just right so that not one wrinkle, not one twist one knot or some entangled sock can mar nor line nor scar one sacred inch of any, your visage.

I have stolen many sleepless hours - wee hour glances at each your angelic faces, and while lines of age may one day speak volumes of your history, I'll not mark you with a lazy air.
As we left early one morning, a month or so ago running late for a scouting event, there was an odd creature trying to make it's way across our busy road, a baby opossum. It looked so lost and helpless; white and pink , nocturnal eyes straining to see in the daylight. We couldn't stop and I felt a maternal loss, a kind of abandonment of the animal. We live on the side of town where birds of prey tend to congregate. It wouldn't survive those birds, if it survived any number of cars that travel our road. When we returned several hours later there wasn't a hint of what happened to it. I could only guess but in the end, nature takes care of the order of things.  Babies die everywhere, and while I could feel a distant sadness, in truth, we watch children die every day on the news with detachment in order that the wealthy remain wealthy, be it for oil, "health care" reform, or pure apathy, all the while it is the animal shelters, and the pet food companies, and the animal rights activist who get the air time.  How many mothers must watch their babies die before this boat we are all in together gets up-righted?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wandering Randomness

Oh the madness and gladness of rain!  It is raw and damp/rainy.  The oven is on, slow-cooking a roast; I love the smell of garlic under layered spice (love herbs and spices) wafting through the rooms.  I have cleaned, ran errands, lamented my tight budget and blog hopped. I can't do the painting projects I'd planned so I've fiddled at little projects instead.  All is good.  The juices are flowing; I'm beginning to meet interesting people from all over (mainly the UK oddly enough) and feel like my horizons are expanding.  I knew it was coming again. 

It's a random, much needed kind of day.  I made myself finish the "must do" list before I settled at the laptop with a glass of wine (lately I've been into Malbec) and an appetizer of Buff Mozzarella, fresh basil (one of my top fave summer herbs) and Roma tomatoes.  I could survive quite nicely on this combo.  My husband and I are food snobs and have spent large quantities of cash on good restaurants, or, on indulging our food senses at home.  Somehow we are not big as houses, but then, money doesn't spend these days like it used to.

If we had our opportunity, he would likely open a book shop slash coffee/tea house.  I would find something to open right next door, or across the way so we could make google eyes at one another.  Maybe instead though, he'd open that bistro he's talked about too (I won't divulge his hook).  He's brilliant, if only he could see it.

Back to the rain: It brightened at one point, enough so I thought I would wander with my camera in hand, but it darkened before I could finish the thought of getting my shoes on.  Two nights ago, as I lowered the shade for bed, there was this incredible spiders web in the wires outside the window.  Between the screen the streetlamp, I could not capture the intricacy or the magnificence of the web, wet with rain.  Suffice it to say it was the most beautiful peace of artistry to think about before falling asleep.  I love to photograph, have I mentioned?

Yellow seems to be my theme color as of late.  I wonder what that means; is it laziness or unconcious meaning that makes one follow the same color?  I realized that I bought yellow pansies and gerber daisies, only after this week when drenched with rain interspersed with warm days and nights they've bloomed with madness.  Across our street are yellow flowers too, and creamy hydrangeas and I'm baffled.  I know I want blue and reds, but they haven't happened yet.  Just this yellow theme everywhere!  Maybe next weekend there will be a sale.  I miss my garden, but I've not been compelled to drive by it.  Lucky, it's out of the way too.  But, I'm pretty good at putting down, once I've decided I'm not carrying anymore.  I'd have made a good burro.  Perhaps in the next life. 

FATES! I love this time of year! 

I've got a little worry that's been plaguing my mind.  I can't leave it behind so I carry it along and try to pay attention. 

Thank you for following my wandering randomness.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

An argument for creativity

I spent the entire day today sorting through items at my sisters house for McGee's shop.  I was at my sisters house before she was even awake and began dragging boxes down off a shelf in the garage.  I came across items stored there from a yard sale from some three years ago.  I found some treasures, items I truly thought had sold or I'd long forgotten.  By the time my sister woke up, I'd uncovered a decent sized collection of items that at one time, we thought we could not live without.  We washed and sorted and still didn't really put a dent in the amount of things left to go through.  Out of this kind of chaos, McGee has made a business.  With her wise wisdom and encouragement, we are letting go of items we once excitedly thought we had to have, and recovered things we were glad still remained.  Nothing vaguely monetary may come from it, but the simple act of doing, has sparked the creativity in both of us.

At the shop as we listed and priced items, we started to discuss our children and their creative minds.  And as I drove home, it occurred to me that we all start out with such creative drives, (fort houses and dress up and the various games we play) and I began to wonder why it is we stifle ourselves as a society by not encouraging the artistic forces in our children and each other?  My youngest has a desire to be a potter.  By the time he is in high school he may have abandoned the idea of "just getting through school" so he can become a potter, but for now, that is his goal.  We put so much emphasis on our children getting a "good education" when in reality, they are barely receiving the knowledge to get them through the day to day.  Much of what they learn is only partial truths, for what real knowledge will they need to become a worker bee?  If the world should fall to shit, how will they survive?  I would rather have my children be able to learn a craft or a trade and someday be able to support themselves in a way that makes them happy, not beholding to bosses, and die having done something that made them happy, rather than with regrets.  I've met many unhappy people with "real jobs" but those that I know who have followed their creative natures are happier by far. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

It has been almost a year since we vacationed in Manisota Key in Florida.  We stayed at a friends condo on the gulf and fell in love with the area.  It was the best vacation I've ever had, or we've had as a family and we will treasure the time there forever.  The people the beach the sea life, the shoreline.  We swam every night at sunset, and snorkeled for hours during the day watching fish, finding huge sand dollars, shells, sharks teeth.  We didn't want to leave and I'm glad we did more than contemplate going last year. 

The horrific oil spill that has ruined so much, will continue to ruin so much more.  Don't ever let an opportunity slip your fingers.  You may never get a chance to know what you are missing.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

When I was little, my sister, we'll call her RH., was tasked with taking care of me.  She is eleven years older than I, so you can imagine that her life was on a different track as a teenager than that of her obnoxious younger sibling with a big mouth and an attitude to match it.  It was rare she would lose her cool, and the worse it ever got was when she mashed spaghetti in my face for making a stink about dinner when my parents were both at work.  I thought she was going to get it for sure when my Mum came home.  I learned that sometimes, parents side with the sibling who's had enough.  It's the singular memory I have of pushing her too far.  I deserved it, I'm sure it wasn't the only time, but clearly it was a lesson that remained with me.  She inherited the patience from my mother.  All of it. 

Summers were the best, as it usually meant an extended stay at the beach, my other sister and I, to give our parents a break.  RH and her best friend Suzie would rent a place for a couple of weeks each summer.  She'd come and get us in her VW bugl, the smell of hay filled seats, sitting in the front seat (I don't recall wearing a seat belt) flipping the 8-tracks (Carol King, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Brown, Neil Young).   To this day, the smell of hay in the warm sun yanks me back to those memories like they were yesterday.  There, we had the freedom to run, swim, burn, be loud. Their friends were always good to us and would indulge us in tossing us into the water, standing with us as the tide buried our feet; with each wave as we "sunk" deeper into the sand, swimming.  At night, we'd crash, hot with sunburn, our bellies full of steamed clams wherever there was room, and I would fall asleep listening to their secret world of laughter, hushed conversation, guitars playing, the clink of beer bottles. 

As I got older, we became closer spending time shopping in unique shops, craft fairs, or just driving around looking at houses, peeking in windows, over garden fences.  I have learned much from sister.  She has a great easy style and her house is filled with treasures that so many others, including myself would miss. I'd watch her when I was little, apply make-up, put together outfits for dates, choose jewelry.  There are scents that evoke memories of my sisters closet, or her long blond hair.  The best part, is she doesn't even know she possesses these talents, making her one of the most genuine, people I know, and my best friend.

At the urging of my friend McGee, who is the second original influence from my early life, RH and I have begun revisiting an idea that we have talked about, but never explored.  While the world is a mess, and the economy is souring, some would say why bother.  I say, "Why not?"  It is the little indulgences that can often make someone happy.  It is the act of creativity that leads to creating.  Who knows what it may inspire in us?  Who knows how we may ricochet from this into the world? 

I started this blog two years ago, and when we moved I took it back up again.  The act of simply moving uncorked the need for expression, not only in words, but in the nooks and crannies of my dwelling.  And so, while I cannot say how successful if at all we'll be, I can say that it will bring me closer once again to my sister, who was such an influence on my life and to two people I'd drifted away from.