Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Little Heartbreak

At G's Little League game I watched as a Canadian geese flew desperately about trying to free itself from plastic detritus caught on it's foot. It's confused mate kept flying along behind seemingly trying to keep up or maybe trying to free it's partner.

A fine argument for greenspace

One hundred and forty five dollars later and not much to show for than plastic bags that do not decompose.

Three months ago, that same $145- would have meant a a better stocked larder. I am sick with the knowledge that the garbage processed foods are the cheapest way that so many people can afford to feed their families, and a contributing reason that health is declining and health care costs continue to rise.

This is the time for those who once gardened to do so again, and for others to learn.

These are troubled days, more people are beginning to feel it, and it it will be a test for how we survive in the future.